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Browar Miejski Bielsko-Biała
Browar Miejski Bielsko-Biała

logo browarRestaurant Browar Miejski is located in Old City (Starówka) of Bielsko-Biała in restored, antique tenement on the street with reach brewery traditions. 30 meters from the building was located city brewery, which produced the beer from 1805 untill 1870. Elements of Bielsko-Biała's brewery history are included in our decor and pictures.

Browar Miejski is a place, which has a features of small brewery producing excilent beer and restaurant with good food. Clients can not only see the whole production of Bielitzer beer, but also enjoy the taste of fresh beer, served with regional cousine.




Piwowarska Str. 2, Bielsko-Biała
phone no.: 0048 33 8150270

Open hours:
Sunday - Monday12:00pm - 8:00pm
Thusday - Thursday 11:00pm - 21:00pm
Friday - Saturday 11:00pm - midnight